B. Balls of Buma

发布于 2020-10-11

Balls of Buma Balph is learning to play a game called Buma. In th …

Fraud Busters

发布于 2020-10-10

Fraud Busters 链接:https://ac.nowcoder.com/acm/contest/7852/H 来源:牛客 …

H – Ponk Warshall

发布于 2020-10-09

H – Ponk Warshall Listening to the rock music permutes your nucle ̷


发布于 2020-10-09

TeamNames A certain ICPC regional contest has specific requiremen …


发布于 2020-10-08

FYI In the United States of America, telephone numbers within an …

K-hour Clock

发布于 2020-10-08

题意:给定T个数据,每行三个变量x、y、z,分别代表初始时间x,增加时间y和增加后的时间z。通过x、y、z之间的关系,推测出该时间 …